Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves and 5 other stars who gave up luxury living

The members of our list learned a long time ago that not all that glitters is gold. They try to manage their wealth properly and lead modest lives. Here are seven “informal” Hollywood celebrities for whom luxury is not the main thing.

Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and other stars who avoid luxury.

Russell Crowe

Crowe has repeatedly said that for him living in Los Angeles is like spending the night at work. According to the actor, he needs to wake up with the sunrise and be able to wander barefoot on the grass under the trees. The actor gave himself such an opportunity, having gone to live with his family in Australia on his own farm. In Los Angeles, he now visits exclusively for work.

Sandra Bullock

This woman’s charm is legendary in Hollywood. Everyone who was lucky enough to work with her becomes her friend forever. Kind, sympathetic, with a sense of humor and on top of that modest Bullock, in addition to her acting career, is known for her good deeds. She has donated several times a million dollars to the American Red Cross and also adopted two young children. Bullock used to think that a happy family life in Los Angeles was impossible, so she lived in New Orleans, where she even opened a small bakery, but now she has moved back to Beverly Hills.

Shia LaBeouf

Hollywood’s biggest weirdo wasn’t always like this. At least not publicly. Shia was born into the family of a circus performer and a ballerina who danced in a nightclub. His parents were mainly engaged in figuring out relationships and only occasionally – raising a child, so LaBeouf was left to himself since childhood, which made him independent. At 15, LaBeouf got an agent and started working his way to fame. Everything was going smoothly until 2008, when the actor began his first problems with the law. This was followed by inappropriate behavior in public, strange clothes and quirks in the form of a paper bag on his head at the premiere of Nymphomaniac. As a result, Shia shielded himself from Hollywood and Hollywood shielded itself from Shia. The actor now declares himself an artist, almost never films and leads a bohemian lifestyle, renouncing luxury. Such a humble Hollywood star!

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has not yet escaped to the American countryside from the bustling Los Angeles, but managed to become famous for all of Hollywood modesty. The actor lives in a small apartment, does not like to go shopping – the same things he can wear for years. Keanu has never used the services of a bodyguard and easily moves around the city on the subway. He loves going to museums and does not like to eat in restaurants – you can often see him with a sandwich on a park bench. The modest “Matrix” star often repeats that he has not cared about money for a long time, and that what he has earned, enough for several centuries. The actor maintains a cancer foundation and actively helps the homeless.

Jennifer Garner

The talented actress and mother of three is rightly considered one of Hollywood’s most humble denizens. Career and royalties actress did not hesitate to trade it for an opportunity to be close to family and support her husband, actor and director Ben Affleck. You probably already know how it ended: everyone seems to have heard about the loud and ugly divorce. How it happened, we can only guess, because it was hard to dream of a better woman, but Affleck apparently knew something that everyone else does not – and reunited with Jennifer Lopez.

Hayden Christensen

The “Star Wars” star was so tired of fame and paparazzi attention that he returned home to Canada, where he settled on a farm. Hayden decided not just to sit back in the quiet of the fresh air, but seriously engaged in agriculture: he started a chicken coop, organized a stable, developed a garden and started growing organic fruits and vegetables. He even plowed the land himself with his own small tractor! And when the first harvest has brought the budding farmer a small income, the actor is seriously thinking about increasing the cultivated area. Moreover, Hayden completely converted his farm to solar energy and constantly strives to make his life even more environmentally friendly.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo has never had anything handed to him on a silver platter. All that the actor has in life was obtained by work, so Mark knows the real price of Hollywood life. Fame, and after it, and the money came to Ruffalo at age 32: before that time he sometimes barely made ends meet. But as soon as his career went uphill, the actor was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the moment, his life is no longer threatened, but Mark can not hear with one ear and has problems with the facial nerve. After his illness, Ruffalo began to lead a modest life with his wife and three children, gave up meat and became interested in politics, because, according to him, he does not care what country his children will live in.

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