Six actors who hated each other during the filming of a movie

Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone

1972-1973. Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone were just beginning their film careers and were ready to tear and throw for a breath of popularity. At least Stallone certainly was, because he immediately hated Richard Gere as soon as he appeared on the set of The Lords of Flatbush. Gere did not do anything wrong, but Sly was enough that he “strutted around in his huge motorcycle jacket, as if he was the coolest knight of the round table.” But Stallone had no idea yet that he would have a better reason to express his hatred for Gere.

During a break between takes, the actors sat in the car, in which Richard decided to eat a greasy chicken covered in mustard. Stallone immediately warned Gere that it would drip, but Richard tried to appease his colleague and then made his major mistake on this shoot – he made a bite that caused a big chunk of mustard to fly right into Sly’s pants. Stallone immediately hit Gere, pushed him out of the car and gave the director an ultimatum: it was either him or Gere. The director went along with Stallone and fired Richard. The film earned well at the box office, but did not please the critics and the audience, so Stallone had to wait two more years for his ascent, until “Rocky” came out.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson

Vin Diesel in ” The Fast and the Furious” had to share the lead spot with Paul Walker, and it was no problem because Vin and Paul were best friends. But then came Dwayne Johnson, who with his charisma was able to strike third between Diesel and Walker. Even then, Vin disliked Dwayne, but never talked about it openly and could only hint ambiguously that Johnson does not like him. In this case, on the set there was a bitter struggle between them, which reached its climax during the filming of the sixth part. Actors just did not want to be filmed with each other, and as a result, most of their joint scenes are actually just a montage: first shot one, then the other, and then they were combined in one frame. Of course, it couldn’t always be done that way, so Vin and Dwayne had to have occasional contact with each other.

In the seventh film, you can no longer find them in the same frame at all. The exception is the last scene, but even from it it is impossible to understand whether Diesel and Johnson were together on the set or were filmed separately again.
Vin also didn’t like the fact that Johnson starred in a spin-off of “Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw.” What made Diesel especially angry was that the premiere of “Hobbs and Shaw” pushed back the premiere of the ninth “”The Fast and the Furious,”” in which, interestingly enough, Dwayne did not appear because he simply did not want to get involved in another conflict anymore. Soon, however, Vin Diesel, in front of his entire audience, asked Dwayne to come back to them so they could shoot the tenth ” The Fast and the Furious ” together. Supposedly it was because the ninth part grossed half a billion less than the eighth. But Dwayne Johnson refused. The studio had to find workarounds and invited other stars: Jason Momoa, Brie Larson Daniela Melchior.

Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis met on the set of the movie “Die Hard 4”. Smith played a small role in the film, but it was enough for him to see how Bruce Willis knows how to show his character. There was no altercation between them, but a little tension in the air still appeared because of Willis’ overbearing attitude.
This, however, did not stop Kevin Smith from calling Bruce Willis for the lead role in the movie Cop Out. Bruce openly showed that he was not interested in starring in the Smith film, and then began to first verbally, and then physically attacked the director.

At one point between them almost began a serious fight, but Kevin and Bruce were quickly separated, as everyone knew that Smith had no chance to even properly defend themselves.
The situation did not stabilize even after the end of filming. Willis refused to promote the film and travel with the director and other actors to various events at which they had to praise their film as much as possible. At one of these events Smith could not stand and publicly insulted Willis. An apology only followed 12 years later, when the family of Bruce Willis announced that he had long been struggling with aphasia and because of it left the acting career.

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