Skin and bones. Schiffer, 52, was spotted on a yacht wearing a bodysuit

Model Claudia Schiffer was once the number one model in the fashion world. However, even the most famous and sought-after beauties can’t escape natural aging. Recently, the famous 52-year-old blonde was photographed on vacation on a yacht. Paparazzi managed to get some rare shots of Schiffer in a bodysuit while on vacation.

“I think she’s too skinny,” “Skin and bones. You can’t look at her without shedding tears”, “Nothing exceptional”, “I’ve never understood the hype around her name. We have plenty of women like that”, “On the street, she’ll go unnoticed”, “Grey and banal. Who made her a model?”, “She looks like Brezhnev”, “There were far more much more deserving models”.

“The most ordinary woman”, “She doesn’t compare to figures like Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell”, Internet users wrote under Schiffer’s photos.

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