The love story of Adriano Celentano and his wife has been going on for over 50 years!

The love story of this temperamental and beautiful couple began on the set of a movie. And then it spun like a melodrama that it was even possible to make another movie based on real events.

Today, after so many years of living together, Adriano and Claudia are still as much in love with each other and look infinitely happy. You can make sure of it by looking through this touching selection of photos of the famous couple.

They got married on July 14, 1964 at sunrise, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

“And today we still love each other” – such reverent words signed invitations to celebrate their golden wedding Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori.

Their passionate romance began on the movie set and, as if by magic, continues to this day.

First met each other on the set of the movie “Some Strange Type” in 1963, Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori did not pay much attention to each other. Chelentano’s overly defiant behavior repulsed the young actress. Adriano, accustomed to universal female attention, was so furious at the indifference of Claudia, that he began to seek the attention of the girl in every possible way.

Claudia, as a prudent girl, did not see Celentano as a reliable partner. The frivolous nature of Adriano did not allow him to approach the beauty. It is likely that the world would never have known about the pairing of Celentano and Mori had it not been for this case…

One fateful day Claudia carelessly broke one of the plafonds on the set and its shards hit the face of Celentano. Claudia, feeling terribly guilty, rushed to apologize to the actor. Then between the young people flashed fire of love, which is not destined to burn out never. It seems that since that day the actors have not parted for a minute.

At the beginning of the relationship, the girl thought Adriano too frivolous for a long-term relationship, but fate thought otherwise. At one of the concerts, after performing a romantic ballad, the temperamental Italian confessed his love to Claudia. They were married at dawn, so that the pesky yellow press did not spoil their happy day.


Long to combine the profession of actress and wife of the most sought-after man of the time became an impossible burden for Claudia. Having sacrificed her career, she prioritized her family and gave birth to three children to the happy Celentano.

Building a cozy family nest, Claudia did not cease to be the main support for her husband and in the career field. Mori began to help Adriano in his work, becoming his advertising agent and image-maker. It is to Claudia Celentano owes his success and numerous awards.

The marriage of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori could be considered a fairy tale, but even such an ideal relationship was not without crisis. Claudia always reacted calmly to the fact that her handsome husband was surrounded by young ladies day and night, dreaming of an affair with a famous actor.

All would be nothing, but Celentano could not remain a faithful husband, and his affair with Ornella Muti became a real scandal. This affair seemed to be the beginning of something serious, because Ornella divorced her husband and expected the same from Celentano. Journalists daily wrote loud headlines, expecting a scandalous divorce, but no.

After some time, Claudia Mori forgave her lover and allowed him to return to the family.

“Accidental infidelity is not a reason to break up. It is forgivable. For a man, casual liaisons are like a mechanic’s car inspection,” Claudia explained.

Today the passions in the family Celentano settled down, the couple moved to a secluded villa in the suburbs of Milan and lead a rather reclusive lifestyle. Celentano and Mori avoid noisy parties and social events. Instead, the happy couple takes care of horses in their own stable, playing tennis and raising a grandson.

Not long ago, Adriano gave his wife a romantic gift: a beautiful fountain, the jets of which washes the statue of Claudia Mori. Now it decorates the garden of their family nest.

When you look at the happy union of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori, you want to believe that eternal love does exist. Their relationship has been through fire and water, and their life experience can teach how to build relationships and why you should always fight for your choice to the last. Women’s wisdom and men’s love will overcome any adversity!

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