“The most tender couple”: 41-year-old lover of 63-year-old Antonio Banderas posted a joint photo with the actor

Antonio Banderas separated in 2014 after 18 years of marriage to Melanie Griffith. The couple raised a daughter Stella del Carmen, who was born in 1996. During the years of married life, the artist also became friends with Melanie’s daughter from her first marriage, Dakota Johnson. Romance with Griffith at one time became the reason for the divorce of Banderas with his first wife – actress Ana Lesa. A few years ago, Antonio admitted in interviews that since the breakup he has not seen his first wife.

Since 2015, the actor has been happy with investment banker, financier Nicole Kempel, who is more than 20 years younger than him. Antonio has repeatedly admitted in interviews that he finally found the perfect relationship, as marriages with actresses were too emotional. Banderas noted that he feels like a married man and does not see the need to re-register the marriage officially. On Wednesday, Nicole, 41, posted a joint photo with the artist and wrote:

“After another long day of filming, Antonio invited me to a romantic diner in London.”

The first to comment on the publication was Banderas himself, writing in Spanish: “I love you”. Nicole and Antonio’s fans responded emotionally to the couple’s romantic photo:

“Very beautiful. May God continue to bless you with love and health”, “The most tender couple”, “Happy people”, “Congratulations to a beautiful happy couple”, “His age is like a great wine”, “I’m sure every dinner should be romantic”, “Nicky, Antonio, you are beautiful”

Antonio Banderas is known as one of the most colorful “hero-lovers” of Hollywood. The actor’s track record includes 118 projects, including “Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fate”, “The Legend of Zorro”, “Banshee”, “Chain Dog”, “Beyond Reality”, “The Insurance Man”, “Vow of Silence”, “The Mask of Zorro”, “The Big Bang”, “Four Rooms”, “The Matador”. On August 10, Banderas celebrated his 63rd birthday.

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