This world star hears someone playing his song on the street – and when he picks up the mic, he instantly leaves fans astonished

Street musicians have been around for many, many years and stopping for a moment to listen to their music is always a pleasant part of everyday life.

They always manage to put on a show and put people in a good mood, and it’s not unusual for something unexpected to happen to add to the excitement.

But this surprise on a high street in London took even the musician himself by surprise!

It was an ordinary day and as usual a young lad, Henry Facey, was standing on the pavement of London’s Piccadilly Circus playing his guitar.

With a guitar case at his feet waiting for a few coins, Henry soon pulled Rod Stewart’s ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ from his repertoire. But what Henry didn’t expect was that he would soon be joined.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Rod Stewart himself appeared. He had heard the musician playing his song and couldn’t resist approaching him to offer him some of his talent.

Rod Stewart grabbed the microphone and started singing along with the musician!

Naturally, Henry couldn’t believe his eyes: suddenly he was standing next to a world star, accompanying him on guitar while Rod Stewart himself sang along.

And of course the passers-by couldn’t believe their eyes either. More and more people stopped to take their cameras out to capture the moment.

It’s not often that you see a world star standing just a few metres away, singing in the middle of the street, just for fun. So it’s great to see someone like Rod Stewart volunteering to brighten the day of the lucky people nearby!

Check out the impromptu act in the video below and let us know if you think more of the world’s artists should get involved like Rod Stewart. He’s a wonderful, down-to-earth human being.

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