Tom Hanks telling fans to ‘back off’ after they bump into his wife, to whom he has been married for 34 years and almost lost to cancer

Hanks and Wilson met when they appeared in the 1985 comedy “Volunteers,” in which the Oscar winner played Lawrence Bourne III and Wilson played Beth Wexler. A year later, the couple walked down the aisle.

Unlike most Hollywood unions, Hanks and Wilson’s goes beyond the basic definition of marriage. They have supported each other through the ups and downs that life has thrown at them and have emerged even stronger and closer than before.


Speaking to Oprah, Hanks explained that he sees Wilson as more than just his lover, and their bond surpasses simple monikers such as wife, girlfriend or mother.

He shared that, thanks to her support, he was able to take on several projects, using his love and feelings for his wife to execute his roles smoothly.

Rita has supported her husband during his rise to fame until he became one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. However, Tom never forgets to thank her for her contribution to his success.

Whenever he gets the chance, he makes sure to declare his love and thank his partner for being the force behind his success.

“I have a woman who teaches me what love is every day. Maybe that feeling is possible to fake, but for me it’s really true,” Hanks revealed to Oprah.


While Hollywood marriages always happen, it’s not often you see one that lasts for decades. Hanks and Wilson have gone against the grain and proved that their union is for the long haul.

The actor says Rita is his best friend, in addition to being his lover. Their relationship has always been that way since they started dating and, like wine, it only gets better with time.

However, as they remained steadfast in their union, Hanks shared that they had no secret to their long and happy relationship, saying:

“Every once in a while, you know, you have to get through some things, but life is one thing after another, and it’s actually nicer to be able to go home with someone you like to spend time with to get through it.”

While the star has figured out how to release back-to-back blockbuster movies, he says he still can’t identify the secret to his happy marriage. He shared that he is still amazed that Rita is still by his side.

The actor wants to challenge the narrative that marriage is hard work and says it’s not. And while he has no tips for a happy marriage, he advises that no one should get married before 30.


While Hank and Wilson’s marriage seems perfect and immaculate, it’s not all roses. The star almost lost the love of her life after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.

The actress had to undergo a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. However, throughout her difficult times, Hanks was by her side, supporting her every step of the way.

She told People that she felt blessed that her husband, family and friends supported her throughout the process and was grateful for the medical advances that helped her seek and receive treatment.

Neither Hanks nor Wilson had suffered such a serious illness prior to Rita’s cancer diagnosis, so it was a difficult time for them. However, although it didn’t seem so at the time, her condition brought them closer.

“You never know how your spouse is going to react in a situation like this. I was so amazed, so impressed by the care my husband gave me. It was such an intimate moment, so normal,” the actress said.

Over the years, they have learned to shut down tabloids that spew lies about their marriage, so after going through a rough patch with Wilson’s illness, they now consider their marriage “sacred.”


Tom and Rita’s love story has been unbreakable for years, and even after all this time, they still haven’t lost the spark in their union.

Hanks continues to support and care for his wife, even in public places. Recently, the star found himself in an unpleasant situation when he scolded a fan for pushing his wife and almost knocked her to the ground.

The couple were in a New York City lobby when one of the fans in a crowd that had gathered outside bumped into Rita and pushed her forward. The actress staggered and almost fell forward, then turned around and said, “Stop!”

Rushing to his wife’s rescue, Hanks yelled at the group to back off and stop pushing his wife.

After Hanks yelled at them, asked them what they were doing, and his security tried to calm him down, several fans in the crowd apologized as Hanks and Wilson got into their car.

As with such cases, there was divided opinion on whether Hanks had been right to yell. Some people felt he had been rude.

Others, however, felt that the person who almost knocked Wilson down had no respect for personal space and that they deserved what they got. Professional basketball player Lebron James supported Hanks’ reaction and reflected that, had the opposite been the case, he would have been sued.

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