What do the children of supermodel Heidi Klum and a singer Seal with an outstanding appearance look like

Before she met the dark-skinned singer Seal, Heidi Klum had long relationships with other men. She was married, then was in a relationship with a famous and rich man, by whom she gave birth to a daughter.

Soon the supermodel was noticed by the dark-skinned singer Seal. After a long courtship, he proposed marriage to Heidi. She agreed.

The famous supermodel and actress has German roots. She appeared in the modeling business quite early. On the catwalk she began to go out since the age of 18. Now Heidi Klum is 46. All over the world, the model from Germany was recognized after she starred for a famous magazine. It came out in a multi-million circulation with Hailey’s picture on the cover.

Directors began to invite the beautiful model for roles in pictures of different plan and genre. Today on Klum’s account there are more than two dozen film works.

The singer comes from Africa. He composes songs and performs them with a guitar. During his long career Seal has released 14 music albums. His work has received 10 music awards.

Today Seal is 56 years old. He lived with Heidi Klum for nine years. They had three children. In addition, Seal adopted the daughter of the supermodel.

Helen Samuel, 15, wants to become a model just like her famous mother. Especially since the girl has all the prerequisites for that. She is slender and long-legged. Helen considers Seal her real father. When the singer married Heidi, her daughter was just a baby.

Lou Samuel, 10, is the favorite of her parents and siblings. This is no surprise, she is the youngest. That’s why she gets more parental attention and care.

The singer’s and model’s sons are 13 and 14 years old. They are always together, they have the same interests. The boys are active, they like doing sports.

After nine years together, Seal and Heidi separated. For four years the heart of the supermodel and actress was free. The musician of one of the popular bands was able to win it. Heidi Klum got married for the third time.

The children all live with their mother. The father comes to visit them, but does not do so very often because of his busy schedule.

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