What the 134-centimeter tall Game of Thrones star’s 12-year-old daughter and wife looks like

Peter Dinklage, the 54-year-old actor of the TV series “Game of Thrones”, is happily married to a tall beauty. Erica and 134-centimeter star of the sensational picture met for a game of chess. Schmidt admitted to journalists that between them immediately arose attraction.

“I fell in love with Peter at first sight,” said the woman.

In 2011, the couple had an older daughter Zelig. The girl did not inherit the peculiarity of her father and has already overtaken the parent in height. In 2020, Erika and Peter became parents of a wonderful boy.

The paparazzi are not slumbering, wanting to get shots of Peter with his heirs. The other day they still managed to capture Dinklage on a walk with his eldest daughter. “What a beautiful little girl.”

“This actor is very charismatic. I understand his wife, who fell in love with Peter at first sight.”

“Very much like daddy,” “Luckily she’s the height of her mom,” Internet users wrote in the comments under pictures of Peter and Zelig.

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