А girl with pudgy shapes dances Bachata better than some professionals. Another proof that weight doesn’t play a big role

The conventional wisdom is that all dancers should be thin. The heroine of our article slightly deviates from these stereotypes. In her opinion, if you have talent, then extra weight is not an obstacle at all.

After all, the most important thing is talent, which the dancer has plenty of. Her persistence and desire to work on herself deserve respect. And that is why she has achieved amazing results.

The girl mainly works in such dance direction as bachata. It is this dance that reveals all her grace and plasticity, which perfectly combines with the sultry temperament of the girl, which is inherent in Tatiana!

Dancing with her partner Carlos Amescua, she draws the audience’s attention to herself and leaves her partner in the shadows. Tatiana is bright, agile and temperamental. Appeared in the Dominican Republic dance Bachata is her specialty. This passionate dance is very difficult to perform.

The scheme of the dance is not difficult: it is necessary to make 4 side steps, but with an emphasis on the last . The key element is the connection, coordination of movements with a partner.

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