15-year-old ballet dancer Lizzie Howell has amazed the world with her pursuit of her dreams!

Ballet is a theatrical art form, the content of which is conveyed to the audience through dance. Most often ballet is done by fragile girls. Professional ballerinas dedicate their entire lives to this demanding task. Daily hours of grueling training, endless repetitions and the joy of going on stage to amaze the audience with their graceful, flexible movements.

But our heroine was made to make women of different proportions and weights happy: 15-year-old Lizzie Howell became an Internet star by sharing her photos on social media. She was so qualified, smart and brilliant that no one could ignore her.

Many have called her a role model. In one of her most famous plays, «The List,» she played eleven scenes in a row, without any elaboration, without any effort. She is truly impressive. She’s been practicing dance since she was five years old. Of course, like all girls, she wants to lose weight, but unfortunately, she hasn’t succeeded yet.

She gets a lot of ridicule and swearing every day, but over time she has learned to deal with the swearing with humor. After all, laughter is a great weapon for punishing rude remarks about others.

People like Lizzie Howell always have to work twice or three times as hard as others to achieve their goals, but it is possible, and the young dancer proved that all efforts eventually lead to the fulfillment of all dreams.

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