2 months ago, the sisters sheltered and brought out newborn puppies, which were found in a cardboard box

One evening, the girl was returning from work when she suddenly heard a squeak from behind the bushes. Coming closer, she saw a cardboard box with 5 tiny newborn puppies, who were pushing each other with all their might in search of mommy, and she was nowhere to be found. They looked to be only a couple of days old.

2 месяца назад сестры приютили и выходили новорожденных щенками, которых нашли в картонной коробке

The girl called an employee of one shelter and asked to pick up the kids for the night. And two sisters Katya and Lena kindly agreed to take them in for a while. Unfortunately, no one came for the puppies from the shelter. And the girls could not leave them to their fate and began to nurse them.

Every three hours it was necessary to feed the babies from a pipette, put warm warmers and iron their bellies. After a week, the little puppies themselves were able to maintain a bottle with a mixture and eat. Katya and Lena tried very hard. They really wanted the crumbs to get stronger and everything was fine with them. But, unfortunately, one baby could not get out, he was very weak. There are four puppies left.

The girls were looking forward to the crumbs opening their eyes! And when they were three weeks old, they already knew how to run, growl and bark a little. But the growth has not been increased at all yet.

Today, these «boys» are already 2.5 months old. While they are still living with the sisters. The girls published their pictures on the Internet in the hope of finding owners for them. But no one has called yet. Everyone is looking for purebred dogs.

We hope that this «gang» will still find a new home and good friends and everything will be fine with them!

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