An American woman lost 70 kilos in two years.

Amanda Wood, 37, from America, weighed 170 kilograms when she started having health problems because of her excess weight. She felt tired all the time, and she was tired of being invisible among people. Then Amanda began her difficult struggle with excess weight.

However, her attempts to lose excess weight on her own failed. Then Wood decided to take this issue seriously and turned to specialists: a professional nutritionist and a trainer in the gym. Once she began to exercise on a special program, and her diet was limited to a strict proportion: 35% carbohydrates, 25% fat, and 40% protein, the weight gradually crept down.

“I didn’t admit to anyone how hard it was for me. I had no energy for anything at all,” Wood says.

Amanda’s breakfast now consists of an egg or a protein shake. For lunch, she eats chicken Caesar salad with Greek yogurt dressing or turkey meatballs with spaghetti; for afternoon snacks, she eats cheese, an apple, or crackers. Wood’s dinner is usually lean chicken with vegetables or seafood.

“Be kinder to yourself, because no one is perfect. Fight and never give up,” Amanda advises.

Since then, two years passed, and the young woman was able to lose as much as 70 kilograms during this time. Even though the weight loss is under the strict control of specialists and the weight is lost gradually, Wood still had health problems in the process.

Amanda told reporters that her hemoglobin level began to drop sharply. Therefore, now she regularly undergoes medical examinations and puts iron drips. However, this did not interfere with the positive mood of Wood, because you can not stop halfway. The woman wants to lose another 20 kilograms and then continue to keep herself in shape.

According to her, if you set reasonable goals and lose weight gradually, then everything will work out.

“Now my favorite thing to do is to go to the gym. You won’t believe it, but every time I look forward to it,” Amanda said in an interview with a laugh.

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