A 13-year-old cat from the shelter cannot sleep until his owner takes hold of his paw

Jamie, a 13-year-old Burmese cat, ended up in a shelter when his owner moved into a nursing home. When Jamie was handed over to RSPCA Australia, he was in terrible shape.

He suffered from feline flu and kidney diseases, so he received special medical care. Even after he recovered, the staff worried about who would adopt him.

All their worries were dispelled when a young woman named Sarah Dempsey adopted him one day while looking for cats in a shelter. Sarah told Dodo that when she first met Jamie, he was sleeping peacefully, but woke up when she bent down to look at him.

After looking at him, she adopted him and brought him home. And now he doesn’t leave her for a minute. «He likes to talk to me at night and follows me to my room,» Dempsey says.

The best thing about Jamie is that he won’t fall asleep until Sarah takes him by the paw. She says, «If I let go of his paw, he wakes up, meows and returns my hand to him.» She thinks it’s the sweetest moment to sleep side by side, holding hands. «I think we have already become attached to each other,» says Sarah.

This is a foster cat, Jamie, who won’t fall asleep without Sarah holding his paw.

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