A 6-year-old girl and her daddy sang a world hit beautifully

The famous song «Somebody That I Used to Know» by the Australian singer Gauthier has been sung by many after its resounding success.

I love the song as sung by 6-year-old Hayley and her dad, Derek.
I have to admit, Daddy’s vocals seemed very professional to me the first time I listened to it.
And I wasn’t wrong.
Judging by Derek’s youtube channel, music is his job, or at least an ongoing, long-term hobby.
Hayley’s demeanor and grimaces can’t help but raise a good warm smile, and she sings very well for her age.

Derek’s touching message to his listeners, written for the video, is also a great payoff:

«How’s it going, guys! Decided to repost this video. It’s probably my favorite video I’ve ever made.
Haley was here about 6 years ago, and it just warms my heart, bringing a huge smile to my face every time I watch this video all these years later. Proud Dad. »

And here’s the video itself:

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