A black bear casually interrupts a family picnic to join them

When this Maryland family decided to have a picnic in the woods, they weren’t going to share their delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich with anyone, let alone a huge wild creature.

But their plans are destroyed by an uninvited guest!

Kathleen Nesbitt was enjoying a meal with her family in the woods when a black bear suddenly appeared at their picnic.

Surprisingly, the wild animal’s intention was not to scare the 29-year-old girl and her buddies, but to join them. He even liked peanut butter snacks.

The family was just scared when they realized they had a company. But they all managed to keep their cool.

The incredible scene was filmed by other family members who were at a safe distance at the time. They even urged the people at the table to stay as calm as possible.

«We were all told not to make any sudden movements and stay put,» recalls Kathleen. «Most of us were very scared. »

After a few minutes and a few delicious sandwiches, the massive bear returned to the forest as relaxed as it had appeared at first.

However, the family’s decision to feed the bear was sharply criticized on social networks. Because such behavior could only harm a wild animal. In fact, it’s illegal to feed bears in Maryland.

Fortunately, everyone was lucky this time. Because they were all unharmed!

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