A brave 16-year-old girl saves a runaway horse on a busy freeway

A brave teenager is being hailed as a hero after her quick thinking saved a horse that had escaped on a busy Maryland highway.

The 16-year-old girl and her horse were preparing to participate in a horse show when she spotted the runaway horse. Without hesitation, she stepped forward and led the horse to safety. The spectacular rescue was caught on film!

Caroline Shoults and her rescue horse, Tinkerbell, were at De Novo Farms in Anne Arundel County, waiting for the riding show to start, when one of the horses ran out of the barn directly onto the busy road.

The girl immediately realized that the escaped horse could be in real danger, so she decided to rescue it. Another girl, 13-year-old Julia Young, who was in the stands captured the moment on her cell phone.

The images were then shared on Facebook by Jeanette Newland.

«At our first horse show, we were in our barn family when we saw another horse break free from its halter and take off,» wrote Jeanette Newland.

«A brave 16-year-old preparing for the competition stopped to help try to catch her.»

Caroline and Tinkerbell chased the runaway horse for about five kilometers along the highway. Meanwhile, other rides joined in to help with the rescue.

They drove their cars close to the horses, to prevent other drivers from approaching them.

«Finally, after about 3 miles, everyone pretty exhausted, I was able to guide her to the shoulder of the highway in the grass,» Caroline explained on Facebook.

«I jumped up and threw the lead rope over her neck, and waited a few seconds for everyone to come toward us.»

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