A brave dog asks people to save her cubs who are in trouble

This dog can safely be called a mother heroine. She did everything in her power to get her cubs to a safe place for them. In doing so, she saved their lives.

When winter came and severe frosts began, the dog understood that the life of her puppies was in danger. She was not afraid and started asking for help from strangers.

The dog’s name was Hera. She was homeless. Soon Hera gave birth to babies in an old pipe. This place, of course, was not good for puppies, but at least there they could hide during the rains. The dog spent days and nights looking for food for her babies.

Winter soon came, and it was already dangerous to stay there. The dog was in a desperate situation. However, one of the local guys noticed her and told the rescuers about them. A young man named Milan, who was an employee of the shelter, rushed to rescue them.

It sounds incredible, but Hera seemed to understand that he had come to save them. The dog became very happy when she saw him. She tried her best to explain that there was someone in the pipe. The puppies were very small, they were not even a month old, but it was not easy to get them out. They were hiding and afraid of the stranger. However, Milan was patient and tried to get them out for several hours.

A few hours later, he finally managed to do it. The puppies were saved. They were immediately sent to a shelter, where they are safe and cozy. Milan has already made friends with them and often visits them.

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