A brave dog chases a huge mountain lion to protect his family

A fearless dog risked his life to protect his family after a «huge mountain lion» broke into the backyard of a house. A brave dog named Rocky did not back down when he came face to face with a dangerous wildcat.

Unfortunately, the dog was seriously injured during a collision with a wild beast. Fortunately, Rocky was eventually saved by the family he was trying to protect.

A few days ago, Mary Padres from La Verne, California, heard two of her dogs barking hysterically. So she went out to investigate. But the woman was left perplexed when she realized that a puma was walking in the backyard. The wildcat didn’t pay attention to the two dogs until the smaller dog, Rocky, started chasing him away from the territory.

«I panicked as soon as I saw him,» the woman explained in an interview with ABC7.:»Mountain lion! «The beast was looking at me directly. It was scary.

Brave Rocky showed everyone that you don’t have to be too big to be a hero. He chased the puma until it ran away.

Thanks to Rocky’s incredible bravery, the feline animal escaped. But as a result, the dog received terrible injuries.

The heroic dog was taken to the vet. He’s out of danger now. But it took almost three dozen stitches to sew up all of his wounds. The whole family is so proud of their dog, who was willing to give his life to protect them.

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