A brave girl saved a dog drowning in the water, who did not have the strength to fight for its life

A dog was found in the river the other day. She struggled to escape and almost drowned. A heavy load was tied to it. The animal is almost exhausted. The dog was noticed by a brave woman who fearlessly rushed into the water to save the drowning dog.

When the pet was already in her hands, the woman realized why the dog could not get out of the river on its own. The rope was tied to a heavy bag, and inside the bag was a weighty stone. If the dog had been in the water for some more time, it would have probably passed away. Therefore, the pet was very lucky to be noticed and rescued. The woman took her to the vet, who found out that the dog’s name was Bella. However, nothing was known about the owners, except that there could be several of them.

The woman who investigated the case was shocked. The police found the criminals. It was a man and a woman who were arrested. Despite the fact that they are on the case as suspects, the guards are sure that it was these people who committed such a serious crime.

Now the dog is in a veterinary hospital. A veterinarian is watching her and the animal’s condition is improving. The dog eats with pleasure, gets stronger and feels much better. Although a full recovery is still far away. I would like to wish the dog to get better as soon as possible and hope that she will find loving owners who will never leave her.

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