A bus driver helps two lost dogs return home and reunite with their family for Christmas.

Milwaukee County Transportation System (MCTS) Driver Jamie Grabowski completed her route around midnight last week, noticed two stray dogs running alone through the streets. Worried that the couple might freeze in the cold or be hit by a car, she stopped the bus and called them.

«Hey, you two! «You need to go home right now!» shouted Jamie. «Come on, go inside!» Then she opened the front door and let the dogs board the bus. After that, she contacted MCTS dispatchers to inform them of her unusual situation.

Jamie sat down and played with the dogs until a policeman approached them. He took them to the Milwaukee Area Pet Control Commission, the only facility in the area that accepts stray dogs.

It turned out that the dogs left the yard and walked four kilometers from their family’s house. The family searched for them all night. And thanks to Jamie, the dogs were returned to their family alive and unharmed just in time for Christmas.

Jamie, an animal lover who jokes that she is a «dog handler». She said she was happy to be in the right place at the right time to help two «really good boys.»

This week, the family of two met with Jamie to thank her for helping their children return home. MCTS shared photos of the reunion on social media

It’s a Christmas miracle for two dogs. Dog owners congratulate Grabowski and are grateful to her for helping them reunite with their puppies just in time for Christmas.

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