A cat and his best friend a horse. He loves to ride her

Marina is a professional horse trainer. One day a friend gave her a kitten. The girl named him Simon.

Since then, 5 years have passed and the little lump has grown into a beautiful cat with bright blue eyes. The pet has always been very affectionate and friendly. He always needed a lot of attention. He followed his owner everywhere and talked to her about something all the time, meowing and purring.

Marina spent most of the day at work, training horses. Therefore, she took her pet with her to the stable. Simon felt like a master here. He always examined the stable first. And after that he liked to walk on the backs of horses. And those were friendly to the cat.

But most of all, Simon made friends with one horse, whose name was Camellia. And he spent most of his time with her.

When Camellia was taken out for a walk, the cat sat in the saddle like an experienced rider, kept his balance correctly and thus walked with her. Simon really enjoyed walking in the woods.

He was like a knight, driving a horse and inspecting everything around him. When the cat wanted to go about his business, he gently pulled Camellia by the mane, and she obediently stopped. The horse stood still and waited for its rider to return, and then they continued walking.

Every day Camelia waited for Marina and her friend to come to go for a walk. Simon turned out to be an amazingly intelligent cat and a devoted friend, both for his owner and for her ward.

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