A cat that was adopted by an auto repair shop saved the lives of three employees

The workers of the car repair shop, when they came to work, found a white cat near the front door. It was cold outside. And when they opened the door, the cat ran into the room and immediately settled near a warm radiator to get warm. The guys shared their lunch and fed the hungry animal.

Since then, the kitty stayed to live in the repair shop. The cat turned out to be affectionate and delighted the workers with its presence. The guys were surprised that the cat was always so white and clean, even though everything in the workshop was covered with technical oil and fuel oil. The cat tried to clean the room from mice and rats.

One day, before the New Year holidays, three employees were doing urgent repairs on all-terrain vehicles. And, as usual, there was a cat near them. The ventilation in the room didn’t work properly and a lethal gas gathered in the box where the work was being done. The cat was the first to react to the gas and started meowing loudly and rushing around the room, warning people of the danger.

The employees noticed the unusual behavior of the animal and left the premises in time. Thus, thanks to its intuition and instincts, the cat saved the lives of three employees. After this incident, the cat was named Gerda. Translated from Scandinavian means «protector. And one of the rescued employees took the kitty home with them.

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