A cat waited for its owners for four years on a stump. A story about the fate of a faithful pet

This story about the cat Bora was told by volunteers. The animal protection workers found out about the cat, which had been waiting for its owners for 4 years near an abandoned house on a stump.

During this time, many people saw the cat, but no one paid any attention to it.

The pet was abandoned to the mercy of its owners. He was waiting for them near the house on a stump for four years. Of course, no one made any attempt to return for the cat. The family, in which the pet lived, simply moved to another settlement, and left Bora in the village.

The cat had been starving all these years, eating scraps and garbage. As a result, he had a bone stuck in his tooth, which was the reason why the animal could no longer close its mouth properly. Because of this, Bora could not eat or drink.

This became known to animal rights activists. They came to the village and took the cat. They took him to the vet. At the clinic, the poor cat had all his teeth removed.

When the cat recovered, he was brought back to the village, where he was given to a holding facility.

The first time they tried to get Bora used to his home life near people again. He began to trust people again. Volunteers also told us that they accustomed the cat to voices and read him poems by different writers.

«I remember the first time I saw Bora’s picture. He was sitting lonely on a stump, looking at the house. I remember catching him to help and him running from one basement to another. After we read him books, and he sat in the corner, with his back turned to us, expressing his distrust,» said one of the animal protectors.

Three years have passed since that time. Bora had recently passed away, for the old diseases had not gone away for long. And the vets could not save him. In addition, the cat was no longer young, so he could not cope with disease. But in a few years he became an affectionate cat again and lived these years in warmth and comfort, in a home where he was cared for.

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