A cat was brought to the vets in a carrier and it turned out that the carrier was his home

A cat named Samuel was brought to the veterinary clinic in a carrier. When they took the animal out of the carrier, the doctors were horrified — the cat could barely stand on his feet and looked just awful. They found out that the cat carrier had been his home for two years and he had never left it.

An examination confirmed what was visible to the naked eye — the cat had a whole «bouquet» of diseases. The animal’s overall condition was so bad that the vets saw the solution as putting the cat to sleep. Unexpectedly, one of the doctors decided to give the poor cat a chance. Veterinarian Leslie did everything she could to give the cat hope for a future life.

Leslie didn’t have much faith that her fight would be successful, but it wasn’t her policy to give up. The problem was not only physical illness, but also the psychological trauma the animal had suffered. While medication helped cope with the illness, Samuel had to overcome the psychological problems on his own. The cat was afraid of people and at their approach began to meow pitifully and close his eyes tightly.

For months Leslie fought for the animal’s life. One disease that was defeated was immediately followed by the next. The girl paid for all the medicine herself, spending her own savings on the animal. Despite all the difficulties, the first improvements were noticeable. Samuel stopped panicking when the girl approached, her apathy was replaced by a cautious interest in his surroundings. By taking small steps and making tremendous efforts every day, Leslie was able to give the cat a second chance at a normal life.

It was a difficult task to rid the cat of its dozens of illnesses and to teach it to trust people, but the task of finding a new home for the animal looked just as difficult. Samuel was an adult cat. Many of his ailments required constant care and treatment. Therefore, it was almost impossible to find people who would agree to such a hassle with a pet.

Samuel turned out to be very lucky. Leslie was able to find a new owner for him. Brian Smith wanted to take the animal. After seeing a picture of the cat and reading his story, the man could not remain indifferent and took Samuel. The cat, who has changed a lot thanks to Leslie’s care, immediately accepted the new owner and went home with him. Samuel spent the entire trip in Brian’s arms. After all, even one look at the carrier is enough to cause the animal to panic.

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