A cat with knitted ears has found a home

Once this stray cat wandered the streets in search of food and a warm corner. Difficult living conditions have caused a serious illness. But she was lucky.

Picking up a sick animal on the sidewalk, a compassionate passerby took her to the shelter.

Veterinarians had to remove the outer part of the cat’s ears. Severe chronic infections contributed to the formation of hematomas. The operation was successful and the animal did not lose its hearing. And moreover, she hears better now than before, when the auditory channels were completely blocked due to illness.

Кошка с вязаными ушами нашла дом

However, she could not find new owners for a long time.

One of the employees of the shelter tied her cute ears. And the Lady, as they began to call her, turned into an irresistible beauty. Her photo was published on the shelter’s website and the next day she was taken away.
The new owners of the cat claim that, despite all the hardships and hardships that she had to go through, the Lady is a very affectionate and sociable animal. And it’s impossible not to love her.


Кошка с вязаными ушами нашла дом

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