A cute dog who took care of a sick fawn

Today we will tell you a sweet story of friendship between a sick fawn named Bambi and a dog named Zoey. This story will prove to you that you need to take care of each other, no matter what.

Bambi is a little fawn who got lost and got into the yard of a stranger.

Fortunately, this family received the fawn very well and amicably. The owner’s dog took care of him since he was sick. The owner of the dog, who is a musician, decided to take some pictures of how Zoey treats the fawn sweetly.

«We woke up in the morning and saw a sick fawn with an infection in the eye in our yard.

Zoey immediately accepted him very nicely and began to take care of him. We immediately went to the vet and now the infection in his eye is almost gone.
After a long search, we did not find an owner for him and decided that he would live with us.

But if he wants to go into the wild, we will allow him, since this is his home!», the owner signed the pictures.

It seems to me that this cute fawn is very lucky. After all, he fell into such kind hands!

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