A cute kitten was unexpectedly found in a box with napkins after a long search.

Who would have thought that kittens could be magicians! A three — month — old kitten named Chanel suddenly disappeared for several hours …

After a brief absence and leaving the kitten on the dining table, her owner was surprised when she returned. The kitten has completely disappeared from the dining table. Brittany spent an hour searching for her kitten, examining every inch of her house.

Brittany checked every corner of her house and looked for a kitten wherever she could. And at some point she even started to get nervous, not finding any clues leading to the kitten’s whereabouts.

Seeing that the granddaughter was trying to find her kitten, the grandfather immediately came to her aid and began to help in the search.

At some point, he stopped searching to get a napkin from a box lying on the table. And, to his surprise, he found more than he wanted. Suddenly he felt something warm and very soft pressing against his finger inside the box.

The problem was finally solved. Everyone was very pleased that the kitten was alive and unharmed.

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