A dandelion girl with “unbrushed hair syndrome” now looks like this

How we sometimes like to complain about absolutely mundane things, rather than just cherish. In the morning we may be unhappy with our appearance or haircut. We do not like the fact that the hair is not laid as we wanted, or curls do not stick very long time.

But a 10-year-old girl who lives in the metropolis of Melbourne, Sheila Calvert-Yin, lives with unbrushed hair syndrome and it definitely does not matter to appeal to her, because it is her personality.

There are approximately 100 people on our planet who have this syndrome. Sheila was one of them.

It is an aberration when the hair has such a structure that it is literally impossible to really comb it.

As a rule, this individual peculiarity takes place in early childhood. The hair becomes silvery or straw-colored.

Sheila has blond hair. It’s quite curly, very tangled and unruly. It’s always sticking out in different directions.

The girl’s mother, Celeste, says the baby came out with normal dark hair. And at 3 months old, blond “needles” began to break through it.

The first hair began to fall out, and “needles” grew to replace it. And the most fascinating thing is that they actually grew at right angles to the head, and got lighter and lighter.

Such a length as at the moment hair achieved when Shila was 2 years old and no longer grows.

As doctors say, “uncombed hair syndrome” is most often inherited. But no one in the Calvert-Yin family has this hair. And they learned about the syndrome when Sheila was born.

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