A deaf puppy invents his own adorable way of barking

Meet Reese, an adorable little puppy who’s a little different from other dogs. He does everything in a special way.

Reese was adopted earlier this month by Samantha Ramos and her husband. While they were trying to raise their other dog, Rox, it became clear some time ago that Reese didn’t respond to the owner, so they suspected the dog was deaf and the vet confirmed it.

Ramos is happy to adapt his training approach to accommodate Reese’s hearing loss. But when it comes to the basics of being a dog, the cute puppy has already learned a few tricks.

One day, Ramos saw his two dogs playing together and Rox barked amiably, and
Reese responded in kind. Just speechless.
Ramos filmed his dog’s silent barking, which he had invented himself.

@samanthas.ramos who’s gonna tell her 🥺 #dogsofttiktok #deafdog ♬ original
sound — Samantha Ramos

And he doesn’t raise his voice, but he seems so proud to have found a way to attract attention.

Although barking is already a great achievement for a wonderful dog, he never stops learning new things, for example, now he goes back and forth between his low bark and his high bark.

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