A dog dying of hunger survived thanks to the help of Kentucky volunteers

This story took place in Kentucky (USA). A dying dog was found in the parking lot near the Humanitarian Society. The dog was at the stage of extreme exhaustion. And Henderson made a decision that changed the fate of this poor tramp.

The Americans took him to the nearest veterinary hospital. After the examination, the doctors were extremely surprised by the condition of the dog. She weighed only 14 kilograms, which is extremely small for such a large breed. Animals rarely survive such severe exhaustion. But, thanks to the timely help provided by veterinarians, Ethan managed to save his life. After he went on the mend, the rehabilitation of the dog was constantly monitored by local volunteers. Thanks to a generous diet paid for by caring residents of Kentucky, the dog quickly recovered and gained weight.

After a few weeks in the nursery, Eaton gained 22 kilograms in weight. The Henderson family, who saved the dog’s life, regularly visit him. But, they can’t take it to their home yet. Judging by the habits of the beast, he is not wild and may have lived for a long time with people who even taught him some commands. In any case, the dog is perfectly amenable to training and calmly makes contact with a person. Now he is already completely healthy and probably dreams of finding new, loving owners as soon as possible.

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