A dog from a shelter has found a home thanks to the widest smile in the world

Cheech was found wandering the streets of Texas when he was just 2 years old and taken to a local shelter. The staff of the shelter hoped to find a home for him forever.

Because he was so small, the shelter staff thought he would be afraid of the new environment. But Cheech quickly proved them wrong.

Being in the kennel, Cheech at the beginning made his face, which made the staff think that he was really upset.
But then Cheech showed the sweetest and cheekiest smile. And from that moment on, everyone fell in love with him.

The shelter shared photos of Cheech’s beautiful smile on the Facebook page, and Internet users quickly fell in love with him.

In the shortest possible time, Cheech or just a Smiling Dog received more than 50 applications from people interested in adopting him.
At the shelter, everyone was delighted with the number of requests sent for adoption by Cheech.

Eventually, the staff found a woman whose puppy had recently died of cancer.
Soon after they met, it became clear that they were made for each other.

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