A dog named LilyBelle protects the life of a small owner

The 7-year-old American schoolgirl Megan Wingarf has a dog friend named LilyBelle, specially trained to find certain types of nuts that cause the most terrible allergies, because of which the girl may even die.

A little girl can go into anaphylactic shock if she eats at least something containing peanuts or almonds. It is these two types of nuts that cause a terrible allergy in a child.

LilyBelle sniffs out all the food before Megan touches it. She will immediately raise her paw up to warn that the food contains nuts. In addition, the girl suffers from a rare genetic disease with tuberous sclerosis, in which epileptic seizures occur. And in many of her organs and tissues, tumors (benign) are formed.

Therefore, the dog is trained not only to look for dangerous nuts, but also to determine when the girl will have an attack.  LilyBelle instantly reacts to the attack and warns others about it. For Megan, the dog has become a real friend and comforter, supporting her in difficult moments.

The specialists who trained the dog assure that  LilyBelle will eventually be able to detect the slightest changes in the child’s behavior and anticipate any changes in her body. That is, in a certain sense, the girl and the dog become one.

It is worth noting that if such an attack is not prevented in time, it can lead to developmental delay, mental retardation and autism. The dog is always with Megan. She sits near the girl’s desk when she is at school, always next to her at a birthday party with friends, sleeps under her bed and sits next to her when she is flying on an airplane. Always and everywhere — they are together.

— Megan and LilyBelleare always together, — says Jennifer, the girl’s mother.

– They are as one, never separated. I am very grateful to  LilyBelle, because when we didn’t have her, I couldn’t leave my daughter for a minute. I was under constant stress, expecting that an attack was about to begin.

— Now that  LilyBelle is next to Megan, I can leave the room and do household chores without worrying about my daughter. I finally felt peace of mind. I am sure that as long as  LilyBellel is with her, her daughter will be fine.

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