A dog who lost puppies became a mother to an orphaned kitten

Mohammed Alama Jalila from Syria recently sheltered a pregnant dog and began to take care of her. Amira soon got pregnant. But none of the three cubs survived.

The dog was grieving the loss of puppies until an orphaned kitten named Junior appeared in her life. Amira became a mom and a friend to the baby. Now they play all day, eat and sleep together. Love helped the animals overcome terrible grief.

Оказалось, собака беременна. К несчастью, щенки родились мертвыми

«We were upset and shocked. We gave her a teddy bear and tried to hug her because she was very sad,» says volunteer Alessandra Abidin.

An orphaned kitten named Junior became interested in Amira’s toys and approached her

Осиротевший котенок по кличке Джуниор заинтересовался игрушками Амиры и подошел к ней

And so their acquaintance happened.Since then, the animals have been inseparable and even forgot about the teddy bear.

Так и произошло их знакомство

They eat together, rest together. Junior has become a real comfort for Amira.

«We found them playing together. The kitten climbed on Amira’s back. And she looked so happy, I think she was even smiling.»

"Мы нашли их играющими вместе, котенок взобрался на спину Амире, а она выглядела такой счастливой, кажется, даже улыбалась"

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