A dog who was abused and left to starve in an abandoned attic fell in love with a rescuer

Jami Russell and her friend arrived at an abandoned house in Pennsylvania to clean the attic. They didn’t know that this moment would save a life. The attic smelled of urine and feces. Then they noticed a pit bull trapped there, which had only skin and bones.

It is not known how long the dog stayed in the attic, but somehow he survived without food and water. Despite the difficult situation, he was incredibly loving and did not want to part with Russell. From that moment on, Lascelles knew she had to do everything she could to save the dog.
It’s a miracle that Russell found the dog. If she hadn’t, the poor dog might not have survived. Russell named the dog Remy, and the puppy stayed with her.After the first visit to the vet, Russell found out that Remy had much more health problems due to abuse.

Lascelles suspects that some of Remy’s injuries were caused by his attempt to escape. No one knows who did this to Remy, but it’s hard to believe that someone intentionally did this to an innocent dog.

Remy has a long way to go to recover. Russell is doing her best to make the transition go smoothly. She provided him with a comfortable dog bed on which he could rest. Veterinarians suspect that Remy is from one to two years old.

«I saved this little kid a week ago, and a week later he looks great. A little love and food are of great importance,» Lascelles wrote on Facebook along with photos of her and Remy.

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