A dog with a swollen face was tied up for several days – after being found, no one can believe it’s the same dog

The dog was stuck by a fence for several days and was close to death.

His face was swollen, and his body was full of infections…

But fortunately, help was at hand.

It was in the spring of 2019 that volunteers from the Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) in the United States received an alarming call.

«They quickly arrived at the scene, and it was only at that moment that they realized how serious the situation was.

A dog was tied to a fence, but he almost didn’t look like a dog anymore…

«His face was swollen about five times the size it should be,» SRSL wrote in a Facebook post. «No one took care of his injuries, and he sat there, in the sun, suffering.»

Hunden Marco

Imprisoned for days

The poor dog, later named Marco, had been sitting on the fence for days, likely hopeful that someone would finally come to rescue him. But he was suffering too much to show it.

The rescuers cut his leash and lifted him carefully into the car. They then immediately drove him to the veterinary hospital, where he would undergo a long and uncertain treatment.

It quickly became apparent that Marco’s body was full of infections. He also suffered from blood poisoning. It’s not exactly known what his life was like before the team came to rescue him, but his injuries suggest that he had fought with other dogs.

Despite this, he was still peaceful and showed a lot of love, despite his likely difficult past.

«The most amazing thing is that he still loves people and trusts them,» SRSL wrote. «He always seeks to love them and gives them love.»

Hunden Marco

The swelling subsided

Against all expectations, after a long course of antibiotics, Marco managed to recover. His swollen face returned to normal, and it became clear that behind the swelling had always been a beautiful face.

As soon as Marco was healthy, he was placed in a foster home. It didn’t take long for his foster family to become attached to him and decide to adopt him.

Today, Marco is living his best life with his new family. The traumas of his old life are fortunately far behind him.

Not only is today National Puppy Day…..but it’s also Marco’s two year rescue-versary!! His family got him a cake to…

Posted by Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Certainly, what a terrible past he had… No dog should be treated in such a way.

But it’s reassuring that there are people who intervene when the need arises.


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