A dog with his tiny puppies came to a stranger’s house. The man was at a loss

One fine morning, the owner of the house saw a stray dog with small puppies in his yard.

The most amazing thing is that one of the kids was different from the others in white color. He reminded the man of his faithful dog named Shadori.

At first the owner was surprised. After all, his pet spends most of his time in the aviary, so he could hardly become a father to these fuzzies. But still there were some doubts. Maybe on one of the walks Shadori managed to get himself a faithful companion. And after a while she found him and brought the puppies to meet their father.

Meanwhile, the guest sat down at the aviary, as if she had been familiar with the owner’s dog for a long time. And he, even to the great surprise of the man, began to play with the kids merrily, like a caring parent.

The man had to contact veterinarians to conduct a DNA test and establish the relationship of animals. But the result showed that the owner’s dog had nothing to do with it.

However, the man did not expel the mother with the cubs, but decided to find out where such a large family came from. It turned out that the dog and her puppies were hiding under the old bridge, where there was dirt and garbage everywhere, besides it was terribly cold and damp. And then winter was approaching.

Then the owner of Shadori, without much hesitation, decided to take them to himself. He built a spacious booth for the whole family, in which new residents will always be warm, cozy and satisfying.

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