A father and son found a starved cat and took it to themselves. Today the animal is unrecognizable

There are people who can’t get past someone’s trouble. Such people include a Canadian resident named Davy Gallant. And, despite the fact that the man’s field of activity is not related to animal rescue, he always tries to help street dogs and cats. If Davy meets an animal in need of help on the street, he never passes by.

This story happened to David in 2019, when he was driving with his son on a deserted road home. Suddenly, the man noticed a moving object on the road. He stopped the car and got out on the road. There he saw a kitten that was so thin that its entire skeleton loomed.

The kitten, as soon as he saw the man, moved towards him with a plaintive meow. The man, without hesitation, took the kitten with him, as he clearly understood that without outside help he was doomed to death.

Arriving home, the father and son first of all tried to feed the little foundling. But, despite the hunger, the kitten could not even eat a piece. His body stopped perceiving solid food. Then the man used a syringe. It wasn’t his first experience.

After feeding, it was the kitten’s turn to bathe. This procedure took a lot of time and effort, since all the kitten’s fur was stuck together, and he was also covered in fleas.

It was then that all the family members unanimously decided to keep the kitten. By the way, their decision was greatly influenced by Davy’s daughter, who had buried her beloved cat the day before. He died at the age of 14. And he got into the family in the same way as the current member of it.

The kitten was given the nickname Barry. A detailed examination at the veterinary clinic showed that the kitten was about eight months old, although according to external signs he was no more than two months old.

Time has passed, and the cat has changed beyond recognition. Besides him, two other dogs and a cat lived in the house, with whom he had friendly relations.

I want to believe that in the modern world there are many more such selfless and caring people as Davy and his family.

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