A father of many children was criticized for his treatment of his children and he didn’t hesitate to respond

When father of many children Jordan Driskell posted a video in which he leads his five children on harnesses, it caused a real storm of emotions on the network. Some people wrote that it is simply unacceptable to treat babies in this way. But the man was not at all embarrassed by the criticism. His kids are rarely inquisitive and mobile creatures. And in order not to go crazy, he and his wife came up with such an unconventional solution.

Jordan and his wife Briana have been trying to have children for 2 years, until their 5 little ones finally came into the world in 2017. The woman still remembers that challenging period with excitement.

«It was like a roller coaster. Every month we started with the hope that this time we would make it, only to feel disappointed» she says. Finally, after their 5th round of fertility treatments, they found out that Briana was pregnant and expecting a quintuplet. «We got one baby for each of our attempts» jokes Briana.

Taking care of five fidgety kids is not easy. On a walk, the three sisters and two brothers were always trying to slip away. To keep the kids out of trouble, Jordan came up with an unconventional solution and started to lead the whole team on leashes. Then one day he posted a video of the walk online. The video quickly gathered a lot of comments and still causes controversy among people.

Part of the users were offended by such an attitude of the father to the children. It seemed to them that the father walks his little ones like animals.

«Did you take them from the shelter?» — wrote one commenter.

«They’re not dogs, you just have to teach them how to behave,» remarked another.

Most of those who were disgruntled felt that parents were abusing their children instead of educating them. In their opinion, putting five-year-olds on a leash is a bit too much.

Others on the contrary supported Jordan and Briana, calling them responsible and loving parents.

«These are your children. Who cares what these people write. You are protecting your little ones,» one woman wrote.

«There is no shame in taking care of your kids,» another person remarked.

Either way, Jordan isn’t too worried about the whole online storm. And to his critics, he simply suggests to get into his skin and try to take a walk with 5 fidgeters for once. After all, if leashes do not interfere with children, and parents feel calmer, why not use them.

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