A goose warmed a puppy abandoned and freezing on the street with her wings

In this short narrative, we will talk about a rather rare case. The puppy and the bird managed to make friends this time. In harsh weather, this baby was able to find warmth and peace under the wings of a good-natured goose. This story happened when a polar cyclone reached the USA. One of the passers-by saw on the street, as it seemed to him, either a duck or a goose, which decided to take care of a frozen dog.

This amazing story won the hearts of many people who found out about it. It was very cold outside. A small puppy wandered into one of the yards where the geese were on the farm. He was shivering all over from the cold. His fur was wet because it was raining outside. The most adult goose noticed the poor guy, and decided to help him. She walked up to the puppy and wrapped her wings around him. In this way, she warmed him and hid him from the rain.

Гусь увидев замёрзшего щенка, укрыл его крыльями от холода и дождя Гусь, Доброта, Собака, Щенки

The puppy felt the warmth and nuzzled the goose’s feathers. So the goose warmed the puppy until he warmed up. The goose opened its wings only when the rain stopped.

Animals sense when brothers need help and are always ready to help.

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