A guy forgot to lock his door and a dog came running in to him asking for help

To take a pet from the shelter, you need to think carefully and plan everything. Volunteers carefully consider candidates in advance and communicate with each potential owner to be sure that the animal will end up in good hands.

Then there is an adaptation period, when future owners visit the pet at the shelter. And only if these stages go well, people are allowed to take the animal back with them. But there are other stories of a pet coming into the family. One unique case can be told by Jack Jokinen, who lives in Fishtown, USA.

Waking up in the morning in his house, Jack found a dog. Except the man didn’t have a pet until that morning. The animal was shivering with fear and also with cold. His fur was soaked through.

Jack couldn’t figure out how the animal was in his house and checked all the doors and windows. The security video put everything in its place. The animal didn’t magically appear. It just walked through the door, which the owners of the house had forgotten to close the day before.

In the evening, returning home after a walk with George, his dog, Jack did not close the door tightly and the door swung open in the night because of the wind. The stray dog took advantage of the opportunity and came in to warm himself. The door was closed by a neighbor who was walking by the house and noticed Jack’s misstep.

The man and his wife did not send the animal back to the street. Especially since it looked so emaciated that it was unlikely to be able to go on without human help. The couple took the dog to the vet. The doctor found several injuries on his body and stated that he was severely underweight. In addition, the vet said that the dog was about 9 years old and had spent most of that time outside.

Jack and his wife nursed a dog, who was named Susie, and left her to live in their home. Very soon, thanks to care and love, Susie became a real beauty. She also finally felt like she had a home and a great family.

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