A guy in his car blocked the road to a truck with 1,000 dogs that were being taken to the slaughterhouse.

And now in some countries dog meat is still eaten. There are even dog meat festivals in China, where up to ten thousand animals are eaten. However, there are people who are trying to fight this barbarism.

Peter Lee is an employee of an animal welfare organization that is trying to eradicate the tradition of eating dogs. He recently learned that another batch of doomed dogs will be transported soon. He spent three days tracking down an animal truck.

Having found a «dog prison on wheels», he blocked the road with his own car

Peter demanded documents for the dogs from the guide. However, he did not have any animal licenses.

These animals were either stolen or picked up on the street.

When Lee opened the cargo hold, he was amazed at the number of dogs. There were about a thousand of them. They were all in cramped cages.

Not only was it impossible to turn around in them, but it was also impossible to breathe. The stench of faeces and the wild howl of a dog — that’s what appeared before the defender of animals.

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