A guy spotted a newborn kitten on the roof of a house in a downpour and rescued it

If you think there is no kindness left in the world, this story will prove you wrong. On the first day of his life, the kitten was very lucky. Among the thousands of people on its path was someone whose heart was not stiffened by indifference.

Ray Vargas often worked in the evenings. On this day he was glad he could work at home, for it was pouring heavily outside. Suddenly, through the sound of rain, Ray heard a low squeak. Despite the rain, the boy immediately went outside to find whoever was calling him for help.

On the roof of his barn he saw a tiny kitten. The baby was all wet from the rain and completely helpless. It had barely been born and had not even opened its eyes yet. Someone had thrown the baby onto the roof, condemning it to death.

Ray couldn’t leave the kitten outside. After taking it off the roof, he immediately carried the kitten into the house. After drying and warming the baby, he fed it with a pipette. Then Ray and the kitten went to the vet to have the baby’s health checked.

The vet made sure the kitten was okay. He also said it was a girl. The boy decided to keep the kitten, naming her Bagheera.

The kitten quickly grew up and is now a beautiful cat who just adores her owner and tries to spend every minute with him.

This cat was lucky that on the very first day of her life she met a kind and sympathetic person.

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