A homeless dog saved a girl from a robber

A street dog saved a woman from being attacked by a robber on one of the streets of the Montenegrin capital Podgorica.

A surveillance camera recorded the rescue of a woman by a street dog from an attack by a robber. Judging by the footage posted online, the woman was heading home from the store with a bag full of groceries. Meanwhile, a man dressed in a yellow hoodie pursues the victim, accelerating his pace.

Бездомный пёс спас женщину от грабителя. - Гифки - 911089 - Tabor.ru

When an attacker decides to attack an unsuspecting woman and tries to grab a bag, a four-legged friend rushes to help. The dog bit the robber for the «fifth point». The criminal clearly did not expect such a turn of events and decided to retire immediately.

Бездомный пес спас женщину от нападения грабителя

This video is another confirmation that the dog rightfully deserves the title of man’s best friend.

It is not a fact that any adult passerby would help a girl in such a case.


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