A huge dog takes care of an infant from birth

Many people are afraid to have pets when they have a small child in the house. Some people even prefer to get rid of pets when it becomes clear that the family is about to have a new addition.

On the one hand, parents are understandable: there is no telling how a cat or dog will react to an infant. They may or may not become friends. On the other hand, it is much more common for a baby and a pet to become best friends from the very first meeting. The story of three-year-old Macy and Marshall is just one of those.

The girl’s parents had no thought of getting rid of the golden retriever when they found out about the pregnancy. After all, a dog is a member of the family!

In addition, retrievers are known for their friendly disposition. They are very tolerant of both children and cats — perfect dogs. And Marshall fell in love with his «little hairless sister» as soon as he saw her.

«He was so excited when he first met her,» Macy’s parents say. «Since then, Marshall hasn’t left their daughter’s side; they’re together most of the day and night.»

The dog looked after the little girl when she was learning to crawl and when she was being fed. He served as her pillow and kept her warm in her sleep, helped her to tear toys and play dolls with Macy, posed for pictures with pleasure, and was even a little jealous when her parents took her away.

How faithfully and tenderly Marshall babysits Macy, so impressed the netizens that the joint account of the girl and her furry babysitter has already been signed by 15 thousand people. And the loveliest duo already have their first earnings: they act as ambassadors for a brand of home appliances and a manufacturer of dog food.

But most importantly, they are incredibly friendly. And when you have such a close friend, there’s no doubt: you’ll never be alone.

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