A hungry stray dog sees that the stranger’s car door is open and immediately jumps inside

Last March, Bill Shaver went on a fishing trip that changed his life for the better when he met a random stray dog.

He was returning home to Missouri after fishing in Arkansas. He decided to stop at the recreation area to rest and take out the trash from his car. Since it only took a few minutes, he left the car door open and did not turn off the ignition.

When he returned to his car, he was shocked to find a stray dog sitting quietly in the passenger seat.

When the initial surprise passed, Bill looked at the dog carefully. He saw that the dog was skinny. It was clearly malnourished.

Realizing that she was probably starving, Bill offered the stray dog the only food he had at the time.

Seeing how easily she jumped into his car and how she swallowed a snack, it became obvious to Bill that the puppy was looking for a person who would help her.

And he took her home with him.

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