A kind girl rescued a one-month-old cat with a congenital deformity of the chest

A little kitten, who looked to be one month old, ran into a girl who was strolling through a London park. The kitty was alone. Neither the cat’s mother, nor any other kittens were visible to the girl. And, apparently, the kitten was left alone in the park.

The kitten was lethargic and shivering. The girl felt sorry for the kitten and took it to a private clinic. After examination by a veterinarian it turned out that the cat was seriously ill. She has a congenital deformity of the chest and there is a problem with breathing. And if the vet didn’t intervene promptly, the kitty had no chance for life.

This clinic was equipped with all the necessary medical equipment for such an operation. The operation was complicated only by the small size of the kitty. But the operation could not be delayed.

The kitty was placed in an oxygen chamber and prepared for surgery. The surgery was successful. And the medical staff was reassured as soon as the little one, after anesthesia woke up and began breathing at full force.

Soon after the operation, the cat, named Betty, regained her appetite and her health improved. Soon Betty was moved to an enclosure with healthy animals.

Another month she was under the supervision of doctors. Then she was taken by a girl who found her and cared about her destiny who gave her a healthy new life in a new home with a beloved owner.

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