A kitten who can’t walk, learned to ride and found the best mom

A kitten with special needs was looking for love and affection from the moment he got to animal rights activists.

And they found him the perfect mom.

A family from Alaska found a 3-week-old kitten in their yard. His hind legs didn’t work. He strayed from the brood. And something scared off the mother cat, and she ran away with the rest of the children, leaving the kitten.

«We contacted colleagues, the rehabilitation and adoption team of Tundra and Alaska cats. They understood perfectly well that the kitten needs non–standard housing, equipped for its unique needs,» says Shannon R Basner, founder of Alaska’s KAAATs, a rescue group in Anchorage.

Transportation was a success for the kitten.

Not only was he paralyzed to the waist, but he was also unable to eat on his own. For several weeks, volunteers fed him every 2-3 hours until he was on the mend.

«X–rays show that the injuries to the lower body healed a decent time ago, so our veterinarian assumes a birth injury,» explains Shannon.

With all that, the kitten manages to be restless. He was not broken by the difficulties experienced.

The kitten was inclined to caress from the very beginning. He liked to sit wrapped in a blanket, like in a cocoon, but gradually became more and more curious.

Volunteers surrounded him with soft toys and even brought a big plush «mom». But everything was not enough for the kitten.

«I have 3 young dogs at home who are friendly to cats, including Cinda, the most wonderful teacher with a magical soul,» says Shannon.

«It was very useful. Because it was time for the kitten to gain experience with other animals.»

Sinda, who has lived on the streets longer than in houses, understands perfectly the rescued cats and dogs, and gets along with them.

Having met the kitten, she immediately took over his patronage.

When the kitten grew up a little, Shannon gave him a miracle cart.

«I helped him take it step by step, distracting him with treats, then with a game. At first I just showed him how to walk, then I controlled how he copes, and so on until he felt comfortable,» says Shannon.

«He mastered the wheel arrangement pretty quickly and walked around the room.»

After each exercise, Sinda licks his paws. She puts up with all his pranks and loves without any «buts».

«When he snuggles up to Cinda, purring, and a sweet enlightened expression appears on her face, everything in the world seems right, and we smile with tears in our eyes.»

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