A large blunt-nosed shark is spotted in the backyard of an apartment building

Life near the water can be so calm and peaceful. Who would refuse a house on the pier? But sometimes you can expect surprises.

69-year-old Florida resident Dick Frey was enjoying a cup of coffee and sunbathing in his backyard. He has a great view of the pier and the canal adjacent to his yard.

Suddenly he noticed a classic shark fin peeking out of the water.

Большая тупорылая акула замечена на заднем дворе жилого дома

This animal turned out to be a large and curious blunt-nosed shark, about nine feet in length, swimming freely in the channel.

Blunt-nosed sharks can look very intimidating, but they are also impressive! These sharks are one of the few marine inhabitants that can survive in both salt and fresh water. This means that they can swim up the river and freely dissect in the bays.

Due to the fact that their ideal habitat is the coastline, this forces them to be in close proximity to people. That is why they become the main culprits of shark attacks on people.

Blunt-nosed sharks don’t hunt humans as prey. But if you see one of them in the water, you’d better stay away. They are aggressive hunters who can even attack other sharks if they have the opportunity.

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