A little girl stunned everyone with her performance. She gave an incredible performance of a song from Disney’s Moana

Children are unique in the way they sing. They don’t know how to hide their emotions. This little charmer, called Sofia, is simply mesmerising in her performance. Instead of just opening her mouth and making incomprehensible sounds, she immerses herself in the process with all her senses.

At their primary school graduation ceremony, this class performed «How far I’ll go» from the animated film Moana. One student’s performance stood out.

She doesn’t seem to have any classmates around her and she sings with great enthusiasm.

The budding artist’s mother filmed the concert to capture her daughter’s lively and emotional performance. Kids left and right are singing with their mouths open, but Sofia stands out from the crowd with her distinctive, memorable stage presence.

Looking at her again, compared to her neighboring quiet peers, I can only say: Sophia is really a child who does everything to the fullest and perfectly ! This is a big deal. Many network users also responded under the video, hoping that «The Ellen Show» will invite her to the show soon, because she is sure to become popular.

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